Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Ledger SD03 Page 127 Blank Page"
"From The Horniman Museum"

Rain Rien Nevermind
Chanhassen, MN

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Luigino Solamito

Luigino Solamito

Luigino Solamito
via Cavour 44
18039 Ventimiglia (IM)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Kindly mutilate.
J. A. Lee
Albuquerque, NM
[title: strewn]

Friday, December 12, 2008

My proposal is as follows:

>The Noogie Forkbomb

: a project for the shutdown of the planet

1. Get your neighbor in a headlock. Give good noogie. Make him or her
promise to noogie two other people in the same manner.

2. Get another neighbor in a headlock. Give good noogie. Make him or
her promise to noogie two other people in the same manner.

3. End.

Within three or four hours of launch, more than half the world's
population will be headlocked. Handle with care --!

Stephen McLaughlin
Rotterdam, NL


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Noah" by Jeff Crouch (Grande Prairie, TX)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Mr. Jones" Randy Adams


Facts of the Polywave
GX Jupitter-Larsen

Tidal heating gradually diminishes as the moon’s orbit slows down. Neanderthals could talk. Ooopsy daisy!

An absent emptiness swept up in a filter of smoke and ash by a shock wave from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The first of these fires burned up the splotched rusty tinges. Hazy with smoke sprinkling out of whack, raining ash and soot blacken the degradation. An effect caused by a gassy, bacterial byproduct of its lengthy fermenting process.

A cosmic defect is like a cloudy spot in an ice cube. This arises because water, solidifying, crystallizes differently in different areas. Similar formations, known as crystal defects, occur in many substances during solidification, due to impurities and other causes. The process is also called symmetry breaking, because the substance loses its original quality of being basically the same in every direction.

Psammologists speculate that a grander version of such a defect a cosmic defect could have arisen when atoms first coalesced out of the amorphous soup the universe once was. Such a transition is, like solidification, called a phase change, because it involves a switch between two states of matter. In the cosmic case however, the symmetry breaking would involve a separation of two or more forces out of what originally was one. Psammologists have been theorizing for decades on how nature’s forces four types are acknowledged could have arisen from a primordial one.

These defects were even recorded in smoke in the 1860’s on a phonautograph, a device created by a Parisian inventor, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville. The device etched representations of sound waves into paper covered in soot from a burning oil lamp. Lines were scratched into the soot by a needle moved by a diaphragm that responded to sound. These supernumerary nipples however, were never intended.

Around two percent of people have a supernumerary nipple. They are often mistaken for moles. They can be found anywhere between the armpit and groin, and range from a tiny lump to a small extra breast, sometimes even capable of lactation.

This is, at least in part, because of exposure to twisted and knotted gastrointestinal superconductivity.

rachel defay-liautard

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sheila Murphy (Pheonix, AZ)

"Katya & Clarence go fishing" John C. Goodman (Newfoundland)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Matthew Lee Knowles

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland)

Gene Tanta (Chicago, IL)

Rachel Defay-Liautard (from RAM,ROM,RWM)

maintenants, synapse

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ted Warnell "MARKER"

Mauro Cesari "contagiographia"

[this piece and the next are offered as "works for co-llab." ... so if anyone wants to do so, do so. here's Mauro: mauropcesari(at)

Mauro Cesari (Argentina) "contagiograma xxix"

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Something for Nothing" by Allan Revich

Digital Salon

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nico Vassilakis

Monday, November 24, 2008

C. Mehrl Bennett

C. Mehrl Bennett

reed altemus


Friday, November 21, 2008

jessy kendall & amy osborne

jessy kendall
po b. 392
lewiston maine

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

andrew topel


andrew topel & paul brandt

andrew topel & sheila e. murphy

andrew topel & spencer selby

andrew topel & john m. bennett & jim leftwich

Friday, November 14, 2008

"...a digital photograph of my aspiratage "The Weeping Headhunter" (for Allison Boyer). (Aspiratage is a method in which markings are made in the piles of carpeting with a vacuum cleaner.)"

Daniel C. Boyer

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lancillotto Bellini, Italy

Reid Wood "Nothing in Nothing"

Haven't Garde

Brad Brace

_ |__ __| | /_ |__ \| |
| __| | | | (_) | | __/ (__| |_
__ | | | | | | __/ | |/ /_| | | | |
_ | | | '_ \ / _ \ | | / /| '_ \| '__|

The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project >>>> posted since 1994 <<<<

_ | | | '_ \ / _ \ | | / /| '_ \| '__|
-_ | | | |__ ___ | | ) | |__ _ __
_ | __ \ (_) | |

You begin to sense the byshadows that stretch from the awe of global
dominance. How the intersecting systems help pull us apart, leaving
us vague, drained, docile, soft in our inner discourse, willing to be
shaped, to be overwhelmed -- easy retreats, half beliefs. Works of art
are complex formal interventions within discursive traditions and their
myriad filiations. These interventions are defined precisely by their
incomparable capacity to trace the dynamics of historical process in
paradoxical gestures of simultaneously prognostic and mnemonic
| __| | | | (_) | | __/ (__| |_
_ | | | '_ \ / _ \ | | / /| '_ \| '__|
_| |__) | __ ___ _ ___ ___| |_
|_ ___/ '__/ _ \| |/ _ \/ __| __|
|_| _ |_| \___/| |\___|\___|\__|
_ _/ |
_ |__/

> > > > Synopsis: The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project began December 30, 1994. A
`round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery from { brad
brace }. The hypermodern minimizes the familiar, the known, the
recognizable; it suspends identity, relations and history. This
discourse, far from determining the locus in which it speaks, is avoiding
the ground on which it could find support. It is trying to operate a
decentering that leaves no privilege to any center.

The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project
began December 30, 1994

Pointless Hypermodern Imagery... posted/mailed every 12 hours... a
spectral, trajective alignment for the 00`s! A continuum of minimalist
masks in the face of catastrophe; conjuring up transformative metaphors
for the everyday... A poetic reversibility of exclusive events...

A post-rhetorical, continuous, apparently random sequence of
imagery... genuine gritty, greyscale... corruptable, compact,
collectable and compelling convergence. The voluptuousness of the grey
imminence: the art of making the other disappear. Continual visual
impact; an optical drumming, sculpted in duration, on the endless present
of the Net.

An extension of the printed ISBN-Book (0-9690745) series... critically
unassimilable... imagery is gradually acquired, selected and re-sequenced
over time... ineluctable, vertiginous connections. The 12hr dialtone...

[ see ]


>> Disconnected, disjunctive, distended, de-centered,
de-composed, ambiguous, augmented, ambilavent, homogeneous, reckless...
>> Multi-faceted, oblique, obsessive, obscure, obdurate...
>> Promulgated, personal, permeable, prolonged, polymorphous, provocative,
poetic, plural, perverse, potent, prophetic, pathological, pointless...
>> Robust, real, redundant, resplendent, revolutionary, redeeming...
>> Emergent, evolving, eccentric, eclectic, egregious, eternal, exciting,
entertaining, evasive, entropic, erotic, entrancing, enduring,

Every 12 hours, another!... view them, re-post `em, save `em,
trade `em, print `em, even publish them...

Here`s how:

~ Set www-links to ->

Look for the 12-hr-icon. Heavy traffic may require you to specify files
more than once! Anarchie, Fetch, CuteFTP, TurboGopher...

~ Download from -> /pub/users/bbrace
Download from -> /u/b/bbrace
Download from -> hotline://
Download from ->

* Remember to set tenex or binary. Get 12hr.jpeg

~ E-mail -> If you only have access to email, then you can use FTPmail to
do essentially the same thing. Send a message with a body of 'help' to
the server address nearest you:
bitftp@plearn.bitnet bitftp@dearn.bitnet bitftp@pucc.bitnet
* *

~ Mirror-sites requested! Archives too!
The latest new jpeg will always be named, 12hr.jpeg
Average size of images is only 45K.
Perl program to mirror ftp-sites/sub-directories:

~ Postings to usenet newsgroups:

* * Ask your system's news-administrator to carry these groups!
(There are also usenet image browsers: TIFNY, PluckIt, Picture Agent,
PictureView, Extractor97, NewsRover, Binary News Assistant, EasyNews)

~ This interminable, relentless (online) sequence of imagery began in
earnest on December 30, 1994. The basic structure of the project has been
over twenty-five years in the making. While the specific sequence of
photographs has been presently orchestrated for many years` worth of
12-hour postings, I will undoubtedly be tempted to tweak the ongoing
publication with additional new interjected imagery. Each 12-hour image
is like the turning of a page; providing ample time for reflection,
interruption, and assimilation.

~ The sites listed above also contain information on other cultural
projects and sources.

~ A very low-volume, moderated mailing list for announcements and
occasional commentary related to this project has been established at /subscribe 12hr-isbn-jpeg

The image was to make nothing visible but their connection with
one another by space and air, yet each surrounded by the unique
aura that disengages every deeply seen image from the world of
irrelevant relationships and calls forth a tremor of
astonishment at its fateful necessity. Thus from artworks of
dead masters, over-life-size strangeness whose names we do not
know and do not wish to know, look out at us enigmatically as
symbols of all being.


Big Grey Bricks: This project also serves as a rehearsal for its
culmination as a series of offset-printed volumes: each 800+ full-bleed
pages (5x8"_300lpi), where the full integrated rhythm of
greyscale-sequence can be more intricately resolved. I'd provide all
design, prepress and production.


This project remains untainted by corrupt corporate and glib government
art-subsidies. Some opportunities still exist for financially assisting the
publication of editions of large (33x46") prints; perhaps (Iris giclees)
inkjet duotones or extended-black quadtones.

Other supporters receive rare copies of the first three web-offset printed
ISBN-Books. Contributions and requests for 12hr-email-subscriptions,
can also be made at,
or by mailed cheque/check: $5/mo $50/yr. Art-institutions must pay $12K
for each image retained longer than 12 hours.


ISBN is International Standard Book Number. JPEG and GIF are types of
image files. Get the text-file, 'pictures-faq' to learn how to view or
translate these images. [


(c) Credit appreciated. Copyleft

1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Matthew Lee Knowles

did a whole happening dedicated to nothingness "the nothing and the nothingness" in April 2008.

Nothingness Happening

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

"asemic sibyl"
marco giovenale (rome, italy)